The World of Work: History of Work in Minnesota



The infusion of immigrants into our land has been a continuing process. Every person, every ethnic group, has contributed unique talents, experiences and aspirations toward molding and gradually modifying the environment and culture of Minnesota.

The rate of flow of immigrants has varied – impacted by events within our state, nation and around the world. The most influential factor upon work and workers has been the process of “continuous change” in almost every element of our existence. One great lesson we can learn from this historical perspective is our individual and collective need to cope with the inevitable “changing conditions” of our lives.

Who are the Workers?

Night School

Night school class at Eveleth (all pupils are immigrants) ca. 1895

Northeast Minnesota Historical Center, Duluth, MN,
UMD and the Minnesota Historical Society

Barn Raising

Barn Raising on the Rainy River, ca. 1900.

Minnesota Historical Society


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