The World of Work: History of Work in Minnesota


In every society throughout history there has existed a division of work within any given population. Modern society, with its emphasis on professionalization, consolidation and technology, has spawned a greater sense of separation and stratification of work tasks. Large segments of our society feel disenfranchised, with little control over their own direction and future. The sense of self-reliance and community that was a part of daily life in our pioneering past has, for many, been replaced with threats of being “downsized”, cast aside, relegated to an insignificant role, and/or consolidation. This trend affects employees with master’s degrees and PHDs, supervisors, managers, and the rank and file.

Many types of work have become more service-oriented....

The Growing Service Industry


Medical services

Medical Services

Health-care expectations, policies and procedures
have created a myriad of service-occupational
specialties in recent decades.

Consultation services

Consultation Services are increasingly in vogue.

Advice is available from a variety of “experts”
through consultations, seminars, or by the hour.

Business and recrational travel

Business and Recreational Travel:
once rare - now commonplace

The pace of life, in spite of timesavers beyond count,
increasingly requires us to seek sustenance, mobility,
entertainment and support through the services of others.

Service with a smile

Service With A Smile


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