The World of Work: History of Work in Minnesota



A key challenge for men and women down through the ages has been the art and science of “making a living”. The pressing demands of the “world of work and survival” have been motivating forces throughout time in every corner of the world, including this land we know as “Minnesota”. The pressure to innovate – leading to change – has always been a part of life for humankind, and that will always be so. While we strive to deal with the accelerating pace of our “present” and “future”, we have an obligation to learn “about” and “from” the past.

Making a Living


Drawing from Memoirs,
American Anthropological Association,
reprinted from Northern Lights,
The Story of Minnesota

Minnesota Historical Society

Skinning a Mammoth

Early hunters begin to skin a mammoth.
Below Mending weapons and making spear points.

Mending weapons and making spearpoints

Excerpted from a drawing by Lee Radzak
from Northern Lights: The Story of Minnesota

Minnesota Historical Society



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