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Above: These two framed photo collage displays were designed to depict elements of the history of Charles A. Lindbergh, who spent significant portions of his years as a youth on a farm along the Mississippi River, near Little Falls, Minnesota. The displays were created in the 1980’s to welcome visitors and guests to the Historic Pine Edge Inn of Little Falls. While on his 48 state tour, after his historic non-stop flight from New York to Paris, Charles included a stop at his old home town where a parade and banquet were held in his honor. The banquet was held in the Pine Edge Inn basement banquet room. The display on the right includes photo copies of the banquet program.

The above collage mural (installed right on the wall) was created to decorate the rear entrance area of St. Gabriel’s Hospital, Little Falls, Minnesota. The craftsman involved was authorized to select photos of choice and create a display that would be of interest to all who passed through this entryway on a daily basis. The area involved was about 7' tall and 18' long on a wall with undulating curves. Approximately 300 photographs were enlarged and printed on double weight fiber paper. In the collage-making process, approximately 265 of these were selected and placed on the wall. The wall was primed with white acrylic paint, then two coats of artist’s gesso. An undercoat of clear acrylic varnish was then applied and allowed to dry. The photos were then progressively installed in place, using standard collage-making techniques and procedures. The work was accomplished in 1978 and, as of this writing, remains in place, entertaining visitors to St. Gabriel’s Hospital.

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