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Above: This 4' x 6' photo collage represents the military career experience and associations for an aging USAF pilot. The mounting base was 1/4' masonite. The mounting medium was artist’s acrylic matte medium. The photos were printed from original negatives on double weight, fiber, matte surface paper. The valued characteristic of the fiber paper is that it is water permeable and the acrylic, being water based, soaks right into the paper and in the curing process they become one.
Below: This collage mural, also 4' x 6', mounted on 1/4' masonite, was created as a decoration for the USAF recruiting office in Flagstaff, Arizona. The collage pictures are photo print posters that were in their office inventory. The posters were trimmed, fitted and wet-mounted using acrylic matte medium varnish materials.

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