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Display Review — Page 1

The two displays, above, are art prints that were wet-mounted on masonite
and given a few coats of non-glare acrylic varnish for protection., eliminating
the need for glass. The frames were homemade from wood trim materials
available in most lumber yards and finished with antiquing paint.

The two pictures, above, and the picture to the left are black and white photos, wet-mounted on blocks of 1/4" masonite, trimmed on a table saw, and then mounted on another masonite panel. The facing surface of the back panel and the edges of the picture panel were painted with a few coats of colored acrylic paint to give the matted effect. The result is that instead of the pictures receding behind the matte surface, they actually jut forward by their 1/4 " panel thickness. When the colored acrylic was fully dry, two clear finish varnish coats were applied and there was no need for glass protection. A simple frame was then fitted and it is ready for display.

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