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Guidelines To Wet-Mounting Display Projects
Collage Mural Displays
You Can Do!

Display Review Table of Contents

Page # 1

Includes two samples of wet-mounted art prints and three examples
of wet-mounted photo prints to include a single mount, a triple
mount and a quad mount.

Page # 2

Includes one color photo print collage and a 4' x 6' B&W photo
print collage mural with mixed images as subject matter.

Page # 3

Includes a 30" x 48" B&W photo print collage relating to an
individual’s USAF military career history and a second 4' x 6'
poster-print collage made up USAF recruiting poster images.

Page # 4

Includes one 30" x 48" B&W photo print commemorative collage
of a WW I, Medal of Honor flyer, Frank Luke, and a 48" wide
B&W collage made up of images of children.

Page # 5

Includes a pair of B&W photo collages relating to the history
of Charles A. Lindbergh, Little Falls, MN native son, and two
phtos of a 7' x 18 ' wall mural composed
of 265 mixed image photos .

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