Self-Guided Lecture

Grant Writing and Grant Getting

Work Sheet Packet

Work Sheet Packet

Project Plan Work Sheets

Proposer(s): _______________________________

Date: ____________________

Project title:

Project Description: Briefly describe the goals and desired outcome of the project.

Facility location, acquisition and development plan: A comprehensive statement.

Work Plan: Outline the general plan and sequential procedures that will be used to carry out the project plan. Describe work to be accomplished in-house, jobs that will be contracted out, and the forecast time line for completion.

Facility and resource utilization plan: Describe projected space allocation and resource application during implementation and long-term operational phases of the project.

Personnel utilization plan: Define projected uses of hired staff, contract workers and volunteer personnel during implementation and long-term operational phases of the project.

Budget Forecast: Outline refined budget estimates documenting costs for facility develop-ment, modification and maintenance, administration, personnel support, and other operational costs. Identify the purchasing, contracting and management processes that will be used to support these efforts.

Evaluation and reporting: Describe the evaluation plan and to whom reports will be submitted.

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