Self-Guided Lecture

Grant Writing and Grant Getting

Work Sheet Packet

Grant Writing/Grant Getting
Financial Information Work Sheets

What is the current operating budget of your organization? Itemized income and expenses?

What is the anticipated budget for this project?

Is the budget large enough?

Is it too large for the results anticipated?

Give a complete budget breakdown.

What provisions have been made for an independent audit of budget expenditures?

What is the estimated value of in-house contributions to this project?

How much is paid staff time? Donated public-service time?

Will the project continue beyond the funding period?

If so, who will provide the funding?

How firm a commitment for this future funding has been made?

Will this ensure ongoing funding?

Have requests for financial support of this project been submitted to other foundations, government agencies or other funding sources?

If so, for how much and from which sources?

Are requests by this organization for other projects currently pending before other funding organizations?

Are they related to this proposal?

How are they related?

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