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Teaching For The Multiple Intelligences

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Putting It all Together for the Learner
For those who are involved in development and teaching of curriculum materials in modern schools, there is the daily challenge to “put it all together for the learner” in the most meaningful and effective ways. For these individuals, at every level, ongoing study and growth in the understanding and application of methods that contribute to the communication and learning processes are an imperative.

Areas of interest include the results of:

  • Brain Research
  • Hemispheric Studies
  • Neurolinguistic Studies
  • Learning Modalities
  • The Seven Intelligences
  • Thinking Styles

  • Assessments

An example of an insightful research reference is a study completed by Dr. Tomatis regarding “Daily Communication Times” that were identified in studies conducted in the United States in 1928 and then later in 1975.

Considering the technological and cultural changes that have taken place in our society from 1975, to date, it is interesting to contemplate what changes may have taken place in our listening, speaking, reading and writing habits over time.

Acknowledging that we are delving into a complex group of processes where continuing research opens new doors with each passing year, let’s consider some of the “Rhythms of Discovery” that are a part of the human development process.


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