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Teaching For The Multiple Intelligences

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Views and Functions of the Brain cont:

Traits of Visual Spatial People

Visual Spatial People
  • are neat and orderly

  • speak quickly

  • are observant of environmental detail

  • are appearance-oriented in both dress and presentation

  • are good spellers and can actually see the words in their minds

  • are good long range planners and organizers

  • need an overall view and purpose and are cautious until mentally clear about an issue or project

  • forget to relay verbal messages to others

  • often answer with a simple “yes” or “no”

  • doodle during phone conversations and staff meetings

  • would rather make a demonstration than a speech

  • like art more than music

  • often know what to say but can’t think of the right words

  • sometimes tune out when they mean to pay attention

  • remember what was seen rather than heard

  • memorize by visual

  • usually are not distracted by noise

  • have trouble remembering verbal instructions unless they are written down and often ask people to repeat themselves

  • are strong, fast readers

  • would rather read than
    be read to

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