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Teaching For The Multiple Intelligences


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Welcome to this self-guided lecture on an important subject of interest to school teachers, school administrators, school board and school committee members, and all other individuals who have responsibility-for and care-about improving education for our citizens of all ages. The subject of “Teaching For The Multiple Intelligence's” covers a variety of considerations relating to the broad range of human characteristics we are born with and strive to understand and cultivate over a lifetime. With subject matter so broad, complex, and in a state of continuing evolution, please consider these materials to represent a “starter kit” on the subject. The content of this lecture is designed to provide a self-guided overview of pertinent elements relating to the variety of multiple intelligence resources that are woven into the personality of every human being. It is our hope that this introduction to these materials and references,
  • will light the spark for you to become increasingly conversant with this subject matter by further study and practice;

  • that growing familiarity will help you to go about your daily pursuits with a wider and more enlightened perspective; and

  • your ability to have a positive impact in your fields of interest will be markedly enhanced.

More specifically, we will strive toward achievement of the following





Note: The contents of this presentation have been developed, primarily, based upon research and lecture materials accumulated and developed by Dr. Maxine G. Strege, Director of Curriculum, School District 482, Little Falls, Minnesota 56345. The 8 Ways of Knowing refrences are adapted from David Lazear’s publication Teaching for Multiple Intelligences (Palatine, Ill.: Skylight, 1991) and Multiple Intelligence Approaches to Assessment, 1999 Zephyr Press, Tucson, Arizona.

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