Autobiographical notes
on the lives of
Don and Dorette “Dur” Kleinkauf
A Winning Combination

Attachment #1 to the Kleinkauf Story

Postpolio Syndrome
A Study relating to
Geriatric Physical Therapy
by Mike Arenson


Web Site Editor’s Note: There are two stories on this web site that make reference to Postpolio Syndrome: it is found in the story of Don and Dur Kleinkauf and in my own biographical notes. For those of you who may have the desire to learn more about this subject, I offer you the following:

1. Click here for information shared with me for my personal use by a physical therapist here in central Minnesota, Mike Arneson. Mr. Arneson has generously given me permission to reproduce his paper dated March 3, 1999 “Postpolio Syndrome: A Study relating to Geriatric Physical Therapy” here on this website. His intention is to offer this information as a general introduction to the subject, and suggests that any specific personal medical questions and concerns the reader might have should be addressed to one’s own physician and/or physical therapist.

This presentation is in two parts.

Part I is the text information developed from the research work.
For ease of reading and back-referencing, the study is
documented on five pages.

Part II is the list of references upon which this study is based.
These numbered references are presented on a single page with
numbers matching those that are found in the body of
the study text. At the bottom of each page of text
you will find a quick access link to this listing.

2. Here are just a few of the URLs found for Post-Polio Syndrome resources. Try several; each has different approaches or content. Some sites are produced by individuals, others by health care or government agencies. Many will give a selection of related links.

3. For a fresh list of resources, links and information, file the search words “post-polio syndrome” in the search engine

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