Autobiographical notes
on the lives of
Don and Dorette “Dur” Kleinkauf
A Winning Combination

Chapter 2 — Part II

The Middle Years

Dorette speaking:

After graduation from High School, I attended a business school as typing and shorthand were my strong points. I began work in Civil Service at the Sub-Depot Headquarters at Lincoln AFB. I was soon married and within a few years gave birth two great children, Chipper and Loree. The marriage ended in divorce. I returned to my Mom & Dad’s home with my children and pursued further business school training to expand my skills. Later I moved to North Platte, Nebraska for a better paying job where I worked as a stenographer at the Union Pacific Railroad Roundhouse and later at their new Diesel Servicing Facility. It was there where I met Don Kleinkauf who talked me into marrying him in August 1960. At that time Chip was 10 and Loree was 7 years old. I am glad we chose to marry, as he has been a good husband to me and a great dad to Chip and Loree.

It is interesting to recall that, at first, the children were the basis for our marriage. Don kept saying “Your children need a father.” He was certainly right about that. Don was a great Dad for our children. Chip graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1972. Because of the Viet Nam War, Don wanted Chip to go into the service as an officer rather than an enlisted status. Although, at that time, military service was socially unpopular, Chip accepted an ROTC scholarship for his junior and senior year and completed a tour of duty in the USAF. Later he returned to the University at Lincoln for a Master’s Degree in Agriculture Economics. Loree received her Bachelors Degree in Nursing from Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD in 1976. Hence, our two-week cruise in October and November of 1976, a reward to ourselves for their completion of their formal education to that date.

Don and Dur move on to a new chapter of life. Here, aboard the ship, Nordic Prince, they enjoy their new sense of freedom. Don is behind Dur here, shaking hands with the Captain. Dur was happy to be standing straight, enjoying dancing with hubby, Don.

We are now grandparents to Victoria, 16; Taylor, 12; and Jessica, 11. We have enjoyed 13 retirement years, traveling to Arizona in the winter and back to what has been our real home in North Platte for the late spring, summer and early fall months.

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