Autobiographical notes
on the lives of
Don and Dorette “Dur” Kleinkauf
A Winning Combination

Chapter 2 — Part I

The Middle Years

Dorette speaks of Don:

His crew’s tour of duty ended in June 1954 and was scheduled for rotation back to the U.S. through reassignment to the 98th Bomb Wing that was due to rotate back to the States for transition into the B-47 jet bomber. Chuck’s crew members were individually given the opportunity to volunteer to remain with the 91st SRS. Four crew members elected to remain with the 91st SRS, including Don. As a result of the exchange, Don became a crewmember of A/C George Hammerschmidt’s RB-29 crew and continued flying reconnaissance missions. For participation in a classified reconnaissance mission on November 21, 1954, the six officers were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross; the six noncommissioned crewmembers received the Air Medal.

Upon completion of his assignment, Don was flown home to Parks AFB, California, via MATS, on October 10, 1955. He was discharged from Langley Field, VA, on March 13, 1956. He reported back to work with the Union Pacific Railroad to continue as a Locomotive Fireman.

Don married Dorette on August 20, 1960 and became a loving dad to his two step children. He was promoted to Locomotive Engineer in 1961. His run was in the Third District, Nebraska, North Platte to Sidney, Nebraska, later North Platte to Cheyenne, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado.

Dur and Don celebrate her 52nd Birthday aboard the Nordic Prince, 1976

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