Autobiographical notes
on the lives of
Don and Dorette “Dur” Kleinkauf
A Winning Combination

Editors Introduction

It gives me great pleasure to have this opportunity to offer you a window into the lives of two remarkable people who mean a great deal to me. The links that bind us together include the fact that Don and I were fellow crewmembers on an RB-29 back in the early years of the Cold War, flying out of Yokota Air Base Japan. The other major link was forged later, after Don had completed his military service, joined the civil work force and, as it so often happens, found that person he wished the share the rest of his life with, Dorette Hoehne, of Lincoln Nebraska.

Beyond getting to know her as Don’s wife and mother to her children, I learned that Dorette and I shared, to some degree, a common experience. Both she and I had been afflicted with, what was then called, Infantile Paralysis, at a very early age.

Don Kleinkauf,
at work in his position in
an RB-29, flying classified reconnaissance missions
out of
Yokota Air Base, Japan

If you have had occasion to review my own set of biographical notes on this web site, you have some idea of how this disease, in later-life, comes out of the closet and begins to haunt those who have experienced “polio” in the course of their life. As I have learned of the growing challenges that Dorette, and some other dear friends of ours in the same predicament are facing, I have come to believe that for me it has been a relative “walk in the park”.

You will find these combined stories of Don and Dorette are full of real-life challenges and the willingness to face them head on with faith and determination. I know it will be a meaningful experience for you to get to know them as patriots, public servants, great friends and neighbors.

The stories are told largely through the voice of Dorette “Dur” Kleinkauf, speaking for herself and for her husband, Don.

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