Biographical Notes
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The Earl E. Myers Story

Chapter 16
Change From Reserve To Regular Status

During my interview to become a Regular Officer, one of the evaluators asked me, “How did you get here from Independence, MO. Did you drive?” I replied “No,” that, “I flew over in a C-45 that the Commander had authorized from Faifax.” They reviewed my Form-5 and were impressed by the amount of flying time I had and all the different aircraft in which I was current. One asked if I was operating any civil aircraft and I replied, “Yes”. They wanted to know what type and I told them that in my spare time I was instructing in Porterfields, Cubs and Erecoups at Kansas City, MO Municipal, to earn extra money for my Grandparents. I would take a passenger up in the evening and fly them around the Plaza in South Kansas City, return and then take a wife or child on the same route. Christmas time at the Plaza has always been such a beautiful sight with all decorations and it was especially beautiful at night. It didn’t matter whether you were driving or flying.

Nothing more was said and I was dismissed. A full Col. asked me when I was returning to Kansas City. I replied “As soon as I can file a flight plan and be airborne, SIR”. He asked if he could come along as he was heading for Kansas City in the morning. “Certainly” was my reply. I rode back in a staff car instead of a Jeep from Base Ops. He was a rated Army Pilot and I asked him if he was current and had a flight physical and he replied "yes". I had him occupy the left seat and he was elated, but stated, I have never flown a twin engine aircraft. He was a fighter jock in Europe. I said "No Sweat Sir, I've been training a lot of single engine guys in the twin”. On return Col. Kline was there to meet us as protocol calls for. He and this Col. went off to the side and talked for some time. I continued the post flight and Form I entries and started to leave and I gave them a Salute and asked if I was dismissed. They replied to the affirmative and off I went.

I didn’t hear a thing, until late fall 1947, when I found out I had been accepted and was to be transferred to Carswell A.B. Texas to fly B-29s. I received this news when I was on a cross country trip from Topeka Army Air Base to Orlando, Fl. in a C-47. We had an RON and the next morning I went to Base Ops to file my flight plan and a note was there for me to call the the Base Commander’s office prior to departure. I had to wait about an hour and a half as they did not open until 0800 hrs. “What the Hell have I done now?” I was informed to report to Hdq, ASAP which I did with haste. The base Commander handed me a TWX (Telegram) from Washington offering me a Regular Commission in the Army Air Corps and that I was to answer in 24 hours, yes or no.. I answered on the spot and the headquarters staff replied with my acceptance. WOW!, there I was high on the "HOG". I was so elated that I could barely function for the next hour. I was returned in the Wing Commander’s Staff car, but only after a lot of the Headquarters personnel, including The Commander, congratulated me.

I already had had two serial numbers, 37496149 as a G.I., Yardbird and Aviation Cadet. On graduation I was assigned the serial number as 0-838918 as a second Lt. Now comes a new serial number, AO-56329. Another change came into effect after several years and that was 16396A. I currently have those dog tags in a shadow box in my memorabilia room along with my fax and e-mail equipment.

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