Biographical Notes
Relating to
The Earl E. Myers Story

Chapter 4
Junior High And Senior High School Days

In my first year in Jr. High I had a math teacher, Mrs. Eugenie Schull who called out to me one morning in departing her classroom and said, “Earl I want you to come back to my room when school is over.” I was scared to death. What have I done? I was making straight "Fs" in her class. I reported back to her and she said, “Young man, you sit down here , I'm going to teach you math whether you want to learn or not.” This wonderful lady had 2 kids at home and a husband that traveled extensively. In those days lady teachers were usually not married. Also, she had paper's to grade from all of her students. This went on for the rest of the school year. She and Mr. Winger the Manual Training Teacher, that I mentioned previously were a Godsend. God please rest their Souls. They put me through USAAC flight training.

I went to William Chrisman High School in Independence, Mo. In about 1938, I recall bringing a 6 foot 8 inch Black Snake into the school. I had caught it on the golf course where I tried to earn extra money to give to my Grandparents. I entered school and had my ROTC uniform on with the snake under my coat. I was taking it to the Biology class. Mr. Rex Conyers, our teacher, had encouraged us to bring in different animals that we could keep in a cage to learn about them. The snake showed it's head through the jacket about one button down from the top and it sent the girls running and screaming.

Prof. Hanthorne, the school Principal, found me about half way down the hall from the biology room and stopped me and asked, “Son, do you have a snake under your jacket?” Word got around fast. I replied ”Yes sir”, and started pulling the snake out from under my jacket. He took one look and took off. I continued to the classroom where Mr. Conyers was and he was very pleased to have this reptile. He was not aware of the ruckus I created. He became aware in a few minutes because of the foul odor given off by my shirt. That snake had had a bowl movement inside my jacket and he sent me home to change clothes. My grandfather took the uniform to Johnson Cleaners and he had them do a “special”. I was back in school for the afternoon session. The uniform still smelled bad and when I got to my R.O.T.C. class Sgt. Dean, gave me Holy Ned. I had to have a new uniform issued.

Prof. Hanthorne was the kindest man I ever knew and was very gentle, a very conservative white haired gentleman, who always had a smile and wanted to help a student. He ascertained that my intention's were for the good of the class and not a disruptive event. When I elected to drop out from the 10th grade, he understood the circumstances and wished me well.

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