91 Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron History Notes
Addendum to Chapter 3

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The Clarence Freeman Photo Collection

Wheeler-Sack Field, Pine Camp, NY photos

Aerial View of the barracks
area of Wheeler-Sack Field.
Arrow points to Clarence
Freeman's quarters.

A view of the hangar area that
supported the 91st OS aircraft
storage and maintenance

A member of the maintenance
crew poses by an O-46 aircraft.

A Stinson O-49 (L-1) “Vigilant”
observation aircraft in
for maintenance. Learn More

A Stinson O-49 (L-1) “Vigilant”
observation aircraft in
for maintenance.

Viw of the O-49's engine and prop.

Hanger View. O-49 foreground,
O-46 in background.

View of the .30 caliber machine
gun position in rear
cockpit of the O-46

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The Freeman Photo Collection

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