John C. Schumacher
451st Bomb Group (H),
727th Bombardment Squadron

Story of
WW II Shoot Down
POW Experiences


As this web site has continued to grow and diversify over time, we have included stories from AAC and USAF veterans from a variety of locations in the US and stories and biographies that overlap from WW II through the Korean War and on into the early Cold War period. This is only natural because many of our storytellers were participants in more than one of the varied historical chapters we are dealing with. As I write this, we have under development the Art Humby Story, which encompasses the challenges of an F-13 recon crew evading capture by the Japs during an escape and evasion treck across China during WW II. We have recently published information relating to the shoot down of a recon crew with Bill Baumer’s story of life as a POW of the Communist Chinese during the latter period of the Korean War. As I worked with these materials, I realized that John C. Schumacher, a local resident of Little Falls, MN, has a POW story to share that would bring a greater sense of balance to the total content of our web site. He has graciously agreed to be a participant in our historical documentary. Here is his story.

Chuck Stone, Web Site Developer and Mgr.


This story is dedicated to my family, fellow POW’s and all friends with the hope that what is contained herein will never happen to someone else and also to let people know a little of what it was like to loose your freedom, when held by a foreign power.

This story has been written from memory, with a few notes as to dates from a folder I kept. So, as you can see, it has made a great impression on my mind and recollections accumulated over a lifetime.

John C. Schumacher

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