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Bill Baumer’s


The Extended Mission
of Stardust Four Zero

In attempting to express my feelings and impressions relating to
this book, I believe it appropriate to introduce you to Bill Baumer’s
mother, a hero in her own right, in this story. That part of the
story was well told in the
Milton Evening Standard newspaper,
dated August 15, 1955.

Faith is Rewarding

When Maj. William H. Baumer stepped from the plane Saturday at Middletown and walked into the arms of his mother, the embrace was a fitting climax to a two-and-a-half year struggle that at times seemed destined to failure.

It was a victory for Maj. Baumer, the United States and the United Nations. More directly, it was a victory for Mrs. Baumer, who, through faith and determination carried her plea to the White House and would not have hesitated to go before the world organization to win freedom for her son and the other American fliers held unjustly by Communist China.

Soon after Mrs. Baumer learned that her son was a captive she began pressing officials in Washington, D. C. to demand his release. Because of her persistence Pentagon officials quickly dubbed the problem of all American airmen in Red China “The Baumer Case.” They couldn't forget it because Mrs. Baumer and her friends would not let them.

Many times she confided that perhaps she was wrong to keep insisting and perhaps she couldn't do it alone. What she didn't realize then (she now knows) was that she was not alone and her actions were just.

Several times crackpots and their organizations tried to ride along on the plucky mother’s apron strings — attempting to gain their own ends through her friendliness and efforts. She was wise enough to have nothing to do with them, a wisdom that lent strength to her appeal.

There were times when she was disappointed, sometimes even bitter, but always she turned to prayer and each time she came back stronger and more determined.

Her son is home. What he has gone through only he can know. He may talk about it but words will never describe it adequately.

To Bill, we would like to join with everyone in saying Hello, it’s good to have you back. To Mrs. Baumer, who has been extremely patient and gracious despite persistent hounding for information, we would like to say thank you for your cooperation and for a lesson in faith that will not soon be forgotten.







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