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Major General Earl L. Johnson

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In December 1959 he was named the Deputy Commander for Maintenance for the 72nd Bomb Wing, Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. On July 1, 1960 he became the Vice Commander of the 72nd Bomb Wing.

On June 16, 1962, General Johnson assumed command of the 4135th Strategic Wing, Eglin AFB, Florida, and just over a year later he became the Inspector General of Eighth Air Force. In November 1964 he was transferred to McCoy AFB, Florida, to assume the duties of the wing commander of the 306th Bomb Wing.

In September 1966 while still the commander, General Johnson and the 306th were deployed to Andersen AFB, to make up part of the 4133rd Bomb Wing (Provisional) with General Johnson as its Commander until March 1967.

Editor’s Note: General Johnson has shared a brief selection of photographs from his work at Andersen AFB, Guam. For the sake of continuity, they are included below.

This photo was taken
during the Vietnam War
when Andersen AFB,
Guam, was the Headquarters
of the B-52D operation.

The basic airplane was
the B-52D as shown in
this picture. It carried 108
bombs with 12 hanging
externally from each wing
as shown and 84 internally.

Later, when President Nixon
ordered the bombing of
North Vietnam, the B-52G
model was added to
the B-52 D fleet.

Colonel Johnson standing
under the wing of a B-52D
at Andersen AFB, Guam,
during the Vietnam War.

At the time of this picture
he was Commander of the
4133rd Wing consisting
of (15) airplanes each
from the Wing at Glasgow,
Montana, and his parent
wing located at McCoy
AFB, Orlando, Florida

Shortly after Apollo 11 went
to the moon, then President
Johnson sent the crew on
a trip around-the-world in
his private Presidential airplane.
Neil Armstrong, the
Apollo 11 Commander,
was a fraternity brother
(Phi Delta Theta) of
General Johnson. He had
gone to Purdue University
while General Johnson
had gone to Wabash College,
30-miles south of Purdue.
Armstrong had been told to
look up his fraternity brother
by another member of Phi
Delta Theta. This picture was
taken shortly after the Apollo
crew landed on Guam.

Another close
up of two
Phi Delta Theta

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