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How I First Met Charles Lindbergh

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The Magellan Harbor

One of the interesting places on Guam is a very small harbor near the southern end of the island. It is named Magellan Harbor and is where Ferdinand Magellan put in on his historical trip around the world in the Year 1521. This harbor is very tiny and it is surrounded by some hills and the entrance to the little harbor is very narrow. I would guess the entire harbor area is not much bigger than a football field. It is quite a historic place with a small monument commemorating this connection. So, I directed Lindbergh to the right roads to take us down there. I would guess it is perhaps ten or twelve miles to get there from where we started which was near the middle of Guam

Once there, Lindbergh became enthralled with that little harbor. We were up on a hill above the harbor so he could get a good view of it and I noticed he was surveying the entire area and even holding his finger up into the breeze to determine wind direction. Finally he said, “You know that Magellan was quite a sailor — how he found this little harbor in a sailing vessel over 400-years ago — is quite miraculous”.

I had been down to this location before but had never studied it like Lindbergh did and this was his first trip to Guam. I learned right there that it was no accident that he could make that trip from New York to Paris in 1927, in a single-engine airplane. He was a student of the earth, including its winds, weather and oceans.

Magellan Harbor showing a little Church on its shore. One can notice the hills surrounding the small harbor. Lindbergh was enthralled by the size of the harbor and the fact that Magellan was able to find it in 1521.

Entrance to Magellan Harbor and the southwestern shore of Guam looking northward with the Pacific Ocean on the left.

A favored picture of Magellan Harbor showing native
fisherman drying out their nets.

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