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Fact or Fantasy — That is the question?

Since the summer of 2008, there has been much discussion and speculation as to the potential of a new-found planet, Alderon. Since our telescopic wizards first set eyes on this planet, there has been speculation whether this may be another place in the solar system where there are environmental conditions similar to that on our earth. My crew has been selected to go there and see what we can find that will answer this ever-present, much-discussed, question.

So here we go. After a picture perfect launch, we have broken
free of earth and here we are travelling at hyper speed
in a time warp, headed toward Alderon....

Alderon in all of her glory begins to take shape
as we slow down for a first look.
As we close in we think we can see four moons.

We begin to believe that we might see positive signs
of potential life on Alderon.

Getting close-up we are utterly amazed at what we behold.

As close as we dare come to this planet where, for the first time, we suspect there may be a welcome sign posted down there, somewhere. We are not equipped to drop in for a visit and our task now is to make a few orbits, document what we have found and head for home and share the news, God Willing?

Hope you enjoyed the trip!

Peace be with you and those you love.

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